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A Surprise Wedding in Bingley

This was not your average wedding! After rescheduling their wedding multiple times due to COVID, Britt & Reece decided they just bloody well wanted to get married! So they did…but as a total surprise to their friends and family!!

Britt explained that this had to be a top secret operation as they had invited all of their loved ones to witness their sons baptism, which was true, but the loved up couple would also be saying ‘I Do’, no biggie.

After all the guests had been seated at Bingley Church ready for (what they thought) a lovely christening, Britt nipped out to grab her bouquet (beautifully made by Emma The Florist) and put on her veil! Father of the bride-to-be came round the corner to see his daughter and the penny dropped. I absolutely love these photos I captured of Britts Dad in a happy state of shock; it’s when he had to take a few breaths that was the cherry on top!

Britt and her very proud father began to walk down the aisle and I have never snapped so many pictures so quickly!! All of the reactions of the couples nearest and dearest was priceless and so wholesome; there was a whole lotta love in the room!

After lots of happy tears and emotional hugs of congratulations, the vows commenced along with the Christening of the NewlyWeds son. This was truly such an honour to capture.

Once the shock of the surprise was over, it was time to celebrate and off we went to East Riddlesden Hall to party, eat and drink! Shout out to DoughBaby Pizza (literally the best pizza I’ve ever had)! Britt & Reece were total rockstars and I just LOVE that they managed to pull off this brilliant plan and I wish them both a lifetime of happiness together x

Here is their day…

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