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A Beautiful Wedding in West Yorkshire

Wow, it’s been a long time since I’ve written a blog and I can’t think of anything else I’d rather share than Mia & Williams incredible wedding in West Yorkshire! This gorgeous couple pulled out all the stops for their big day; from garden games to stone-baked pizzas to a PINK CAMPER VAN PHOTO BOOTH!! I absolutely loved this wedding and I’m so thrilled Lily North Weddings asked me to be a part of it!

I arrived at the beautiful St Mary’s Church on a sunny Saturday afternoon; all the guests were beaming, the groomsmen were looking very dapper in their uniforms and the groom was waiting patiently for his bride to be to arrive. As I started snapping away I heard a voice shout ’Is there a wedding a happening?!’ and it was only William’s brother, Sammy,  who had come back from Syria (after months of being away) as a surprise..especially for their wedding! It was fair to say it was a little emotional when the two brothers saw each other. After a lots of hugs and a few tears later; it was time for the bride to walk down the aisle.

Mia looked absolutely stunning in her dress, as did all of her bridesmaids; I loved the lavender colour scheme!

Once the ‘I do’s’ were exchanged, a big smooch and a few throws of confetti later; everyone was ready to head to the reception. WOW WOW they had really decked the place out; a huge markee had been erected, along with garden games, hay bales and obviously the pink camper van photo booth was my favourite thing ever! This was the perfect place to celebrate!

All the guests were waiting for the love birds to arrive and of course they had to do it in style…they came bobbing down the road on a red tractor with ‘Just Married’ painted on the front. Amazing!

After the afternoon tea had been eaten, the speeches had been spoken and the cheers had been cheered; it was time to take the newlyweds away for a few shots on the grounds. We had them twirling, laughing and doing a good ol’ Hollywood kiss.

Once we’d grabbed all the lovely shots of Mia and William together, it was time to rejoin the guests and party; bring on the pizza (doughboy pizza) and the Photo Booth pictures!!

This wedding was incredibly special and so much fun; I wish these two love birds a lifetime of laughter and happiness together! x

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